artist statement

My current work is a specific response to observing forms in nature such as the ancient pine cone,
fading orchid petals and chains of gnarled burls. I magnify the energy of growth by rendering
the subjects in sizable, human-scale formats to embody a visceral engagement with each distinct
character. In making immediate marks I am reacting to an analysis of structures, forms and growth
patterns. In my use of varied, spontaneous marks to capture the deep-rooted pathways of each
species in a continuous course, I consider the makeup of individual plant forms.

Working in graphite or paint, on paper or wood, I make large and small physical gestures, thus creating
an essence of the form. In these actions, my body is fully engaged: I reach, twist, turn, pull and stretch,
often using two hands at the same time. I move back and forth between graphite, black and white gouache
and ranges of neutral warm and cool washes to layer opacity and translucency as in the natural world.
This limited palette concentrates my focus simply on the instinctual creation of nuanced marks.

By cutting into and around the varied drawings during the final stage of my process, I rearrange gestural
pieces into more sculptural forms to extend into one another, pushing the boundless energy further.
My interest is to respond, draw out, to grasp fragments of studied and imagined life forces.